Take Ladies Night to a whole new level with Firearm Icon!

A night at the gun range for most women isn’t exactly what they had in mind for ladies’ night. But with Firearm Icon, you can add a little extra pop into your next ladies’ night.

Our Load then Pour events are a great way to enjoy your next night out with your girlfriends. Whether you are brand new to shooting, or you pack some power in your purse already, our expert events are a great way to add a little excitement to your next night out with your friends.

The shooting range can feel like a place meant for men, but with our ladies only Shoot and Sip events, we turn that stereotype on it’s head.

Our expert and NRA Certified firearm instructors welcome you into our range for a night of fun gun safety classes in a truly comfortable, relaxed environment. After you load ‘em, then we pour ‘em—glasses of wine that is. Every Shoot then Sip event is followed by complimentary wine and snacks, which are the perfect cap off to your introductory shooting experience.

What’s better than fun and free wine? At Firearm Icon, come experience this new twist on ladies’ night where you’ll get classroom instruction on gun safety followed by some time on the range. And all of it capped off with a little wining and dining as you ladies deserve.

Check out our upcoming Shoot then Sip events today!

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