We give you the knowledge to protect yourself.

At Firearm Icon, we believe everyone deserves the right to carry. And that your gun safety is our top priority. This is why we’ve designed a full array of gun safety, training, and self-defense classes.


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We’ve got you covered. Our concealed carry weapons training course gives you a comprehensive course designed for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. You’ll undergo a complete guide to understanding how to avoid conflict and training in situational awareness because we believe even when you pack the firepower, it doesn’t mean you need to use it. This course also includes an in-depth guide on your gun, the gear for it, and ongoing training through live-fire included in the curriculum.

Every concealed carry permit course is taught by our USCCA and NRA Firearm safety instructors. At the end of your CCW training, you’ll receive your concealed carry weapons permit.

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Firearm Icon proudly offers a comprehensive women’s self-defense training program. Our program is designed for women of every experience level—whether you’ve been shooting your entire life, or you have never shot a gun before.

Our expert and experienced firearm safety instructor works with you to ensure you know how to properly handle your gun, teach you the basics of shooting, and incorporate shooting drills into the training.

Never again worry about being able to protect yourself. At Firearm Icon, we give you the training you need to ensure you’re always protected. Arm yourself with the knowledge and know-how of owning a gun while you experience the rush of firing your first handgun with Firearm Icon’s women’s self-defense course